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Since the human civilization. Gambling in a casino is a way of life for many people. Gambling in a casino gambling is considered to kill time or as a hobby. And has become one of the ways to raise money to win the jackpot in the casino industry has grown since then, and in Asia, such as in Thailand, Cambodia and Singapore. Casino industry began to grow and develop more. For us, today’s post is about the growth of casinos in Asia this year. And the latest trends that you should not miss.

The growth of casinos in Asia in 2016.

In an article published on the magazine GGR. Asia estimated that sports betting is legal (legal sports book) to growth in Asia. Both in terms of the growth of retail and real casino Joe Pisano, executive and founder of Jade Entertainment & Gaming Technologies said, adding that he may have grown in the e-wallets. To play games And a growing body of gambling (video lottery) and gambling sites (lottery websites) wide.

Southeast Asia is a region to watch this year’s Tony Tong of the Pacific Financial Services Ltd. He added that Chinese tourists to travel to Southeast Asia will be a lot more. He also said that gambling in Vietnam might grow more in this year 2016.

Another proof that casinos in Asia are growing at The Philippines is becoming one of the key players in the global casino industry, for example, the Philippine capital of Manila is considering opening a casino hotels. Including the construction and expansion of the casino industry. Credit Suisse’s forecast of revenues from gambling in the country could rise to six billion dollars (2018), which the Philippines is one of the country’s revenue from gambling is the top of the world ( World Online B ).

Another trend is likely to happen just one casino in Asia is growing. Games in the form of e-table with more information by stating that the Union Gaming casinos in Cambodia. Philippines and South Korea With the use of games electronically since the 1500-2000 Games ( Calvinayre ).

These are just some of the indicators that show that the casino industry in Asia is growing. Another is a testament to the growth in revenues from taxation of government from casinos in Cambodia totaled 34.7 million (up 33% from the previous year), data from the Ministry of Finance ( Cambodia Daily ).

Naga Corp casinos in Cambodia still profit rose to 172.6 million dollars in 2015, earnings increased 27% compared to last year. This increase in earnings is a result of increased business volume from Casino Planet Apex Phnom Penh ( Phnom Penh Post ).

Data from these latest and upcoming trends in the Asia Pacific region. It is seen as a growing up of casinos in Asia. Of course, there is proof that several casinos in Asia are growing very big in the industry.

In addition to these recent changes and the factors driving the growth of the industry in Asia. Now there are online casinos also increased a lot. And even a casino resorts and large hotels are opening a casino on the site to expand access to players from around the world, for example, Holiday Palace Casino in Asia’s most luxurious day players from around the world. do not go to Poipet anymore. But players can sit at home on the sofa or anywhere you want.

Easy access Seamless and quick to help casinos of Asian growth. And now the top online casinos can be accessed by downloading the application, in this case, anyone with a mobile phone that can play on your favorite iPhone, iPad or Android device at all.

The growth of casinos in Asia are endless. It adds excitement to the gambling industry even more. More importantly, be sure you keep up with news in the industry, or finally, do not forget to share this information in your social circle.