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His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej left the world, but not without his legacy and footprints that serve as inspiration to the people of Thailand and the world.

Today, let us pay a short tribute to the longest running monarch that had spent his entire life serving the people through his leadership and teachings.

But what traits built HM to become the most loved king of Thailand? Let’s find out.

Non-self outlook

He was an active Buddhist, applying the non-self perspective in his life, and treated himself just like anyone else around him. He used to meditate daily, giving him a calm approach to things when facing or dealing with stress from his duties and responsibilities as a king.


The king had always been known as a serious and frugal individual. He rarely smiled, but often serious.

Maybe one of the reasons was the great responsibility on his shoulders. He’s always concerned about the welfare of his people, and so he’s always devoted his effort and time in working and serving them.

Despite his high social class, never did he treat himself as someone different from the rest. In fact, he told William Stevenson, his biographer, that he is not a god of gods, but he is a human being who does not want to be placed on a pedestal.


Because he came to power when only 18, he’s worked tirelessly day and night, mainly devoting his early years as monarch in the reconstruction of a nation that was ruined by the war—broken structures, holed floor and carpets in the palace and so on.

No one had taken care of these things, but he did.


Just like a typical Thai, the king loved ordinary dishes including tom yam. In an interview given by the royal chef Khunying Prasansuk Tantivejkul for Khruang Ton Khon Khrua – Khrua Chitralada, he revealed that HM only wanted boiled rice and traditional Thai dishes for breakfast and dinner, and some of these included eggs, egg omelets and tom yam, of course.

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