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There are benefits of playing casino games online. Aside from convenience and easy access, players can enjoy multiple bonuses, making them truly feel that they’re spending a baccarat holiday.

The lucrative free casino money offers or bonuses keep them happy and engaged, and no wonder, they can play more games, which give them more chances of winning without spending their money but that of the casino.

If you’re interested knowing the types of casino bonuses that a casino online can offer, keep reading as we discuss these bonuses.

A note about bonuses

Before signing up with an online casino, you should read the terms and conditions outlining what to remember and expect by becoming a member.  

One of the most important aspects to check is the wagering requirements, or WR, which highlight the playthrough requirements—the number of times you have to wager the bonus before you could withdraw.

By learning and understanding the WRs, you will be able to keep yourself guided and avoid the frustration in the end when you wouldn’t be allowed to withdraw your money.

While you can find casinos offering lucrative bonuses, you should read and understand the T&Cs thoroughly before joining.  As an advice, you should be able to compare, study your options and investigate on the bonuses before anything else.

Online Casino Bonuses

Welcome bonus: This one-time incentive is offered for new members who open an account and complete it by making an initial deposit.

No deposit bonus: It is one of the techniques used by web casinos in encouraging more members. What makes it different from a welcome bonus is that it gives players free money without them having to make their first deposit.

The downside with the no-deposit bonus is that it comes with a higher wagering requirement than other types of bonuses—it is done to prevent abuse from players, who some of them sign up with multiple accounts.

Another lows is that some casinos online only will allow you to withdraw it and your winnings if you deposit a certain amount of money. Thus, remember that a no-deposit bonus comes with stricter WRs and other terms, as compared to other bonuses.

Matching bonus:  Another common type of an online casino bonus, the bonus simply matches the amount of deposit you made. For example, if you deposited $500, the casino will match it with $500 to be added to your account, making you a total of $1000 initial bankroll.

But sometimes, the matching bonus isn’t 100% the same with the deposit made. For instance, some casinos offer 30% while others 50%. So if the online casino you’re joining is offering 50% matching bonus and you deposited $100, your initial bankroll will then be $150 ($100 + $50 matching bonus = $150).

Referral bonus:  If you refer friends to the online casino, you will receive this bonus after they deposited to their account. So if you want to earn more money from an online casino, refer as many friends to the venue, offline or online, and receive instant cash!

Playing in a web casino isn’t only fun, convenient and easy, but also exciting with the multiple bonuses you’ll get. But if you want to make the most out of extra money, you should first read and understand the terms and conditions to avoid any frustration in the end.  

Sign up only with a trusted casino, like the Holiday Palace 777 that has a customer support available 24/7 to answer your questions and provide you with further explanation should you need it for terms and conditions, types of bonuses and so on.

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