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For the nth time, you probably have heard that gambling is for fun, leisure and recreation, and it’s true, at least when talking about the purpose of gambling as a whole.

But who are the gamblers? People aren’t the same and so they have their own reasons to play. For a quick glimpse on the types of gamblers, you may want to check out the following.

Types of Gamblers

The Pro

They are those that play for a living and they know their craft—the odds, the games to play as well as the money and the time to spend.

The Gambling Slave

They play casino games for existence. They lose control of themselves and of course their money.  These players are candidates for gambling addiction.

The “Don’t Disturb” Player

They don’t want anything to interfere with gambling—literally. They’d rather spend a day at the roulette than to mind their personal relationships.

The Social Butterfly

They gamble for social interaction. They are looking to relax and have fun, but they never let the activity ruin their relationships. They would still choose their family over gambling.

The Escape Freak

They don’t play to have fun but to forget their problems. While many players have this objective from time to time, the Escape Freak simply is that that just gamble when they are down and when they want to escape their crisis or problem, whatever it is.

In what group do you think you belong? How did you reach that conclusion? Share your experience with the community, and spread the word about this article in your social community today!